Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

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What happens when you don’t eat fruits and vegetables?

In a general simple sentence your body is ready to invite numerous diseases and infections, you would rather stay in hospital most of the times than at home, you may stop paying for milk but rather you may pay for Saline.

Neither you can’t go out nor you can’t stay inside and one day you feel like loosing your strength and because of deficiency of Vitamins and Nutrients you may start loosing your teeth, you feel like itching all over your body, your skin becomes dry, you may suffer hair fall and one day when you die even the soil may not accept your body.

As per the USDA-recommendation one should have three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits a day.

Few things that happen to your body if you do not eat Fruits and Vegetables.

1. You could become deficient in nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
2. Digestive problems like constipation may develop.
3. Increase in the risk of cancer.
4. Obesity – you may gain weight.
5. You may develop diabetes.
6. You may face high or low blood pressure.
7. You may fear a great risk of heart attack.
8. you may face severe depression.


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