How to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables?

March 24th, 2018

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When it comes to preserving of fruits and vegetables right from harvest to consuming, they need to be preserved under various temperatures to maintain the freshness. Each vegetable or fruit has its own nutrimental benefits which can be retained and preserved by storing, canning, pickling, and freezing.

Preserving techniques for farmers:

Right after cultivation, depending on the type of vegetables or fruits which has longer shelf life, farmers need to store them in ware houses or cold storages. Fruits and vegetables with shorter shelf life shall be sold in the Farmers market or local market and should be consumed with in minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 1 week.

Most of the root vegetables has longer shelf life and can be stored in normal ware houses at room temperature where as vegetables like tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, celery etc., need to be preserved in cold storages for longer sustainability.

Fruits can be converted to jams and jellies for longer storage and consumption purposes.

Preserving techniques for sellers:

As said “Rome is not built in a day”, a seller may not be able to sell all his vegetables or fruits on the same day unless some miracle happens, or he/she has some better marketing techniques.

In typical climatic conditions of Asia, during day time when the temperatures are very high, vegetables and fruits may seem pale, sellers sprinkle water on these vegetables and leafy vegetables continuously to maintain freshness.
Of course who knows, there might be many better preserving techniques round the world that are kept hidden because of lack of sharing or accessibility to the internet.

Preserving techniques for Consumers

“Dependency has been a part of our Culture which is in-built within the families from a very long time.” The families of plants, trees; families of animals; and families of human people; whatever or whoever it might be, the dependency is always there.

Leaves of Plants or Trees depend on their stems whereas the plant itself depends on its roots. Animals depends on plants or on other animals for their survival. Similarly, children depend on their Parents and elder parents depend on their children.
In some places dependency is mandatory where a leaf cannot exist without a stem. Being dependent on something or someone is neither a problem nor a fault. But, one should be able to manage themselves without being dependent on others or else the survival itself will be at stake.

Charan, who just graduated after pursuing his diploma in Electrical Engineering must leave his family to start his career in a MNC in Visakhapatnam. He has grown in such an environment that he never has to worry about his food, clothing etc., and everything used to come at his desk.

As Charan has no idea on cooking, he must order food online daily for his survival. Days being passed and Charan started losing his weight. Realizing it is because of lack of proper food, Charan decided to cook food at home.
Being unaware of how to identify good quality or healthy vegetables, he googled online shopping websites that offers free and same day home delivery of groceries, fruits and vegetables and he decided to order fresh vegetables and fruits online. He used to order in the morning and used to get fresh fruits and vegetables on the same day.

All the fresh vegetables and fruits that he received are packed in ziplock covers and he used to place them in the refrigerator. Slowly he learnt that he need to keep the ziplock cover opened so that fresh air will flow through the vegetables and fruits and will not rotten.
“The important tip for preserving fruits or vegetables is to make sure proper air is circulating within the given packet to avoid them to get rotten.”

He used to enjoy the free home delivery service of Groceries, fruits and vegetables provided by Vizag Groceries and Veggies.

How to preserve fruits and vegetables during Summer?

Preserving of vegetables and fruits during Summer is somewhat complicated. People who wish to buy vegetables on ground must go early in the morning to the nearest farmers market to get farm fresh vegetables and fruits.

In the open market as the vegetables are exposed directly to the air and sunlight, the vegetables remain fresh for some time and as the time passes by the vegetables will start losing their freshness because of the dust and pollution.

During summer, to maintain the freshness of the vegetables or leafy vegetables, one need to sprinkle water periodically for every 10 – 15 minutes. The other technique would be to place the vegetables in a wet woolen bag and avoid the sunlight as much as possible while selling in an open market.
Some other techniques include:

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1. Storing
a. Only root vegetables can be stored for a long time as they have longer shelf life. Vegetables or Fruits with less shelf life needs to be eaten fresh
2. Freezing
a. One of the best proven method of preserving vegetables is by freezing them at temperatures less than 0-degree F. At the time of cooking wash the vegetables with hot water so that you can enjoy the actual taste of the vegetables.
3. Canning
a. Process and store the vegetables in a clean and air tight glass jar or any other container. This way the shelf life will lasting for one to five years.
4. Pickling
a. Vegetables like tomatoes, pepper, cauliflower can be stored in this manner.
5. Jams and Jellies
a. Vegetables or fruits can also be converted to Jams and Jellies for better storing and longer shelf life.

For those people who wish to order fresh vegetables and fruits online, whether it is summer or winter or any other season, the online grocery stores does same day home delivery of fresh and packed vegetables.


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