What is the best cakes and pastries store in Vizag?

Before choosing best cake shop in Vizag let us go through a small story which everyone of us could relate with –
Once there lived a little lad, who used to stare at the mouth-watering cakes, pastries, cupcakes and ice creams standing outside the bakeries in fascination. He daily used to ponder around the corner of the street and used to peek into the window of the big bright colorful bakeries. With not a single penny in his pocket, he was always pushed away or could hear loud nags from the shop owners.

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Cursing his ill fate, every day in his dreams the little boy would pray to God for positive faith and one day, God shows up and blesses him with a pencil so that the lad can draw whatever he wants and that drawn out thing turns into reality. God tells that this pencil can be used only for few hours and will disappear with time.

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The excited lad starts drawing his favorite ice creams, cakes and pastries and eats through the night until he realizes he was dreaming when his mother comes shouting “Hey kid wake up, it is time for school and no more dreams.”
During our childhood every one of us especially people who have sweet tooth and special love for cakes and chocolates would have similar dreams of eating delicious, yummy and flavorsome cakes and pastries until we are woken up by our parents shouting, “Hey wake up it is time for school”.

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Many times, on the way back to home, the cake lovers will stop by a bakery, irrespective of the season and busy schedule to have a bite of their tempting pastry or ice cream at their favorite store.
There are several famous pastry shops in Vizag namely Four Seasons, Fresh Choice, Bakers Castle, Pastry coffee n Conversation etc. along with the good old famous Crown Bakery. There are a few online cake delivery services like Vizag Groceries and Veggies which partnered up with famous Four Seasons bakery in Vizag for free home delivery of delicious Cakes and Pastries all over Visakhapatnam.

How to buy cakes and pastries online?

One can visit Groceries and Veggies to order cakes online for their family or friends or send cakes to their loved one in Vizag in 5 simple steps. Cakes ranging from Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Plum Cakes, Pastries like Black forest, Vanilla, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry and many more.
The following 5 simple steps helps you place an order with Groceries and Veggies.
1. Click here and you will be navigated to Cakes and Pastries page.

2. Select any cake and click on add to cart. You will be taken to product page as shown below.

3. Select the size and cake type (egg or eggless) and enter the quantity as well. And click on add to cart button.

4. After adding to the cart scroll to the top of the page and when you focus on the cart icon a small window will pop with options to view cart or checkout. If you don’t want to continue shopping you can click on checkout and will be taken to the below page.

5. Now enter all the billing and shipping details and select the payment method and place the order.
Also, one can place order using their WhatsApp Number +91988 53 93 163.
Nevertheless, one can utilize the unique feature of Groceries and Veggies, which is their home delivery service of anything ranging from groceries, cakes and pastries, fresh fruits and vegetables including sweets as well.
Order at your favorite store and just call Groceries and Veggies about your order and let you know your preferred delivery time and Groceries and Veggies will deliver your products from your favorite store and all they charge is a very minimal delivery cost.
Finally, one can reach out them on their unique chat functionality which none other online grocery store in Vizag provides and users can get immediate resolution for their concerns.

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