If your questions aren’t answered here-please contact us at Support@grocerisandveggies.in we are happy to help you!
Q. How do I register?
A: We strive to make things simple for you and so is registration. You can register using your mail ID. You can either register by clicking ‘sign in’ on top right of home page or at the time of checkout.
Q. Are there any charges for registration?
A: Registration is free of charge.
Q. Do I have to necessarily register to shop on Groceries and Veggies?
A: Yes. we strongly recommend you to register. This will enable us to design personalized offers which we feel will be of relevance and interest to you. Apart from that we also enable special features like Cancel order, quick order and reorder for our registered users.
Q. Can I have multiple registrations?
A: Every unique mail ID entitles you to one registration. We encourage you to have one active registered account as it will keep all your past transactions, shopping lists in one place holder for your quick reference. This will in turn enable you to “reorder” your previous grocery list in few clicks.
Order Related:
Q. What exactly will happen when I Order?
A: Groceries and Veggies will send order confirmation mail to your registered mail id.
Q. What if something I want is not available?
A: We want to be one stop shop for all your grocery needs. You can write to us in case something you want is not available. We will do our best to arrange it for you.
Q. What are the delivery timings?
All orders placed before 3pm in the website/WhatsApp will be delivered on the same day. Orders after 3 pm will be moved to next day. Our delivery person will be reaching you on your contact number given while placing the order for address and location details. Please ensure your availability to have hassle free delivery.

Q. Can I add/remove products to my order after checkout?
A: You can call us on +91 XXXXXXXXXX , we will add/delete items to your order list.

Q. Can I change my order delivery slot after placing the order?
A: Yes, you can change the delivery slot after placing the order by calling us on +91 XXXXXXXXXX subject to revised slot being available.
Q. How do I check which items were not available from my order? Will someone inform me about the items unavailable in my order before delivery?
A: In case an item is not available from your order list, our delivery team will reach you on your contact number given in the checkout page and provide you the details of the alternative products available (different pack size, comparable product from another brand). After obtaining final confirmation from you on call, product will be included in the order for delivery.
Q: When and how can I cancel an order?
A: You can cancel the order by reaching us at +91 XXXXXXXXXX and confirm the cancellation. Groceries and Veggies will also send confirmation mail to registered mail id regarding the cancellation of the Order.

Customer Related:
Q. How do I contact customer service?
A: You can reach us at +91 XXXXXXXXXX for any queries.
Q. What are your timings to contact customer service?
A: Our call center is available to answer all your queries Monday-Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM. Reach us on  +91 XXXXXXXXXX . Alternatively, you can drop us an email at support@groceriesandveggies.in
Q. How can I give feedback on the quality of customer service?
A: We would love to hear your feedback on our services, product range, quality, range and more. You can give your feedback via our call center +91 XXXXXXXXXX or drop an email at support@groceriesandveggies.in
Q. How do I raise a claim with customer service for any of the Guarantees – Delivery & Quality?
A: We value your feedback because that will help us to serve you better. We would love to hear from you. Please drop a mail at support@groceriesandveggies.in or call us at +91 XXXXXXXXXX .
Q. Will someone inform me if my order delivery gets delayed?
A: Absolutely! We will call and inform you if your order is going to reach after the delivery time specified by you. Please ensure you are available on the registered contact number given during the checkout process to ensure hassle free delivery process.
Q. What is the minimum order for delivery?
A: Minimum order and delivery charges vary based on location and distance. Please refer here

Q. Do you do same day delivery?
A: Yes. If you place your order before 3PM, we will be able to deliver on the same day.
Q. Is Same Day Delivery applicable to only a few products or all products?
A: Same day delivery applies to every single product available on our website. Life just got so much better!
Cancellation & Return policy
Q: Can I cancel certain items from my order?
A: You can alter your order before delivery is dispatched.

Q. What if I receive an item which is damaged/expired/not in usable condition?
A: We have a ‘no question asked’ returns policy in case of returns. At any point before taking the delivery, you feel that the product has not been delivered to you in a desired state, please hand it back to our delivery team.
• Cash on delivery – Product needs to be handed over to our delivery team at the time of delivery and cash refund for that particular product/products will be settled instantly.
• PayUMoney/Instamojo transactions– The balance amount will be refunded to you in the same debit card / credit card / bank account that you used to make the payment in 10 working days. If it was up to us, we would do it faster but the reversal procedures by banks take that much time.
In case the Damaged/ defective products have been identified 
post-delivery please write to us on support@groceriesandveggies.in and the particular product must be returned in the original condition they were received in with the accompanying bill  to our delivery person. For further clarifications please reach us on +91 8978825904.

Deals & Offers
Q. Where can I find currently running offers/ promotions?
A: We work hard to put together awesome deals and promotions for you. You can find a list of all deals/promotions on our Homepage under ‘DEALS’ section, which is at the top.