09/06/2021 Kiwi 1 Piece

Kiwi 1 Piece

Kiwi fruits are highly nutritious and low on fat. One kiwi fruit serving has less than 110 calories. It is a rich source of essential fibers, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Kiwi contains actinidain, an enzyme that helps in digestion of proteins. Also its fiber removes toxins from the intestinal tract, prevents constipation and other intestinal […]

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Vizag Online Delivery Services – Vegetable and fruits marketplace

Groceries and Veggies in Vizag, a vegetables and fruits marketplace, is offering online delivery services like food delivery, Cake delivery, flowers delivery, Cold beverages delivery, medicines delivery to the people from their preferred store at a very nominal rate. Customers need to call on 9966509216 to place the order or can whatsapp to 9966509216. Customer […]

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