Amul Buttermilk 1L

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Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk 1litre


Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk is your instant thirst quencher during sweltering days. Amul spiced buttermilk is very unique of its kind from other soft drinks. It is a refreshing and nutritious drink perfect for health and taste. Unlike other soft drink Amul Buttermilk does not contain color acids and preservatives. Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk is 100% natural with the goodness of nature based ingredients. It contains protein and very low calorie. Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk is made up of milk solids, common salt, Spices, and Condiments that further enhances the taste of the drink. It is a low fat product with lower sodium salt content. Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk contains permitted stabilizer. Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk is available in a wide range of pack starting from 200 ml tetra pack to 500 and 1 liter tetra pack. The design of the pack is very eye-catching. The innovative tamper free tetra pack makes the spiced buttermilk convenient for use. “Its all fresh, Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk is very fresh and healthy. It is a perfect drink for refreshing your thirst. It tastes best when served chilled. Amul Buttermilk is priced very cheap and the product is easily available in the market.

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Weight 1000 g

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