GV 100 Rs. Vegetable Basket

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Ginger 100g

1 x Ginger (అల్లం) 100g

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Chilli Green Small 250g

1 x Chilli Green Small (Green Chilly - పచ్చిమిర్చి) 100g

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Curry Leaves 100g

1 x Curry Leaves (కర్వేపాకు)

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Lemon 3 piece

1 x Lemon (నిమ్మకాయలు) 3 piece

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Palakura 2 bunches(Spinach)

1 x Palakura 2 bunches(Spinach - పాలకూర)

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Onion 1Kg (Approx 10 -12 No.s)

1 x Onions 500g (ఉల్లిపాయలు)

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Ridgegourd 500g

1 x Ridgegourd (బీరకాయ) 500g

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Corriander 100g

1 x Corriander (కొత్తిమీర) - 1 bunch

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1 x Cabbage (క్యాబేజీ) 1pc

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