GV 16 Vegetables Basket – Bi-Weekly

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Tomato 1Kg(Approx 13 to 14)

1 x Tomato 1Kg(టమాటా - Approx 13 to 14)

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Onion 1Kg (Approx 10 -12 No.s)

1 x Onions 1Kg (ఉల్లిపాయలు)

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Potato 1 Kg(Approx 9-10 No.s)

1 x Potato 1 Kg(బంగాళా దుంప - Approx 9-10 No.s)

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1 x Cabbage (క్యాబేజీ) 500g

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Bottle gourd 1Piece

1 x Bottle gourd (medium - ఆనపకాయ) 1Piece

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Carrot 1Kg(Approx 14-15 No.s)

1 x Carrot 250g

In stock
Beetroot 250g

1 x Beetroot (బీట్ రూట్) 250g

Based on availability

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Garlic 100g

1 x Garlic (వెల్లుల్లి) 100g

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Ginger 100g

1 x Ginger (అల్లం) 100g

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Thotakura 2 bunches

1 x Thotakura (తోటకూర) 2 bunches

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Palakura 2 bunches(Spinach)

1 x Palakura 2 bunches(Spinach - పాలకూర)

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Corriander 100g

1 x Corriander (కొత్తిమీర) - 1 bunch

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Curry Leaves 100g

1 x Curry Leaves (కర్వేపాకు) 1 bunch

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Lemon 3 piece

1 x Lemon (నిమ్మకాయలు) 3 piece

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Ladies finger 500g

1 x Ladies finger - Okra (బెండకాయలు) 1kg

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Brinjal Blue 500g

1 x Brinjal Green (వంకాయలు) 500g

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This Bi-weekly vegetable basket will be delivered every alternate week on a customer preferred day.

For e.g. if the subscription starts on 1-06-2017 then the first bi-weekly vegetable basket will be delivered on 1-06-2017 and the second bi-weekly vegetable basket will be delivered on 15-06-2017 and so on.

Customer will be informed one day before the delivery of the vegetable basket. And it is customer’s responsibility to inform if there are any change in delivery dates.

***Please note that this subscription is available only in Visakhapatnam and its surrounding areas.


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