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GV 16 Vegetables Basket

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Potato 1 Kg(Approx 9-10 No.s)

1 x Potato 1 Kg(బంగాళా దుంప - Approx 9-10 No.s)

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1 x Cabbage (క్యాబేజీ) small 1pc

In stock
Bottle gourd 1Piece

1 x Bottle gourd (medium - ఆనపకాయ) 1Piece

In stock
Carrot 1Kg(Approx 14-15 No.s)

1 x Carrot 300gm-450gm

In stock
Ginger 100g

1 x Ginger (అల్లం) 100g

In stock
Thotakura 2 bunches

1 x Thotakura (తోటకూర) 2 bunches

In stock
Palakura 2 bunches(Spinach)

1 x Palakura 2 bunches(Spinach - పాలకూర)

In stock
Corriander 100g

1 x Corriander (కొత్తిమీర) - 1 bunch

In stock
Curry Leaves 100g

1 x Curry Leaves (కర్వేపాకు)

In stock
Lemon 3 piece

1 x Lemon (నిమ్మకాయలు) 3 piece

In stock
Brinjal Blue 500g

1 x Brinjal Green (వంకాయలు) 600g-700gm

In stock
Chilli Green Small 250g

1 x Chilli Green Small (Green Chilly - పచ్చిమిర్చి) 100g

In stock
Ladies finger 500g

1 x Ladies finger - Okra (బెండకాయలు) 500gm-750gm

In stock
Coccinia 1Kg

1 x Coccinia (దొండకాయ - Dondakayalu) 500g-650gm

In stock
Tomato 1Kg(Approx 13 to 14)

1 x Tomato 500g (టమాటా - Approx 6 to 7)

In stock
Onion 1Kg (Approx 10 -12 No.s)

1 x Onions 1Kg (ఉల్లిపాయలు)

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This weekly vegetable basket contains 16 different vegetables and leafy vegetables which should be sufficient for a family with 3 – 4 members per week. You can also request for a custom vegetable basket of your choice and get free home delivery on the same day.

Why should I buy Vegetables Online in Vizag when we have Rhythu Bazaar/Farmers Market/Local Market ?

This weekly vegetable basket acts as a time saver especially when you are running out of your time in a busy schedule. Families can spend quality time with their loved ones while we hand pick , clean , pack them in zip locks and deliver the Vegetables at your door step. All the vegetables will be delivered in air tight zip lock bags which will keep the vegetables fresh for longer duration. We highly recommend customers to refrigerate the vegetables soon after delivery. You can also customize your fruits and create a basket, or you can combine both fruits and vegetables and create a combo of your choice.

We request our customers to check the quality of vegetables and return instantly to our delivery team in case of any Quality issues. Don’t worry, our fair return policy ensures your money is refunded instantly by our delivery team.

Once you place the order we will ensure the same day home delivery of your order given that the order is placed before 4pm on that day.

Groceries and Veggies is the only online grocery store in vizag which is offering weekly vegetable basket at best price compared to other similar vendors operating in Visakhapatnam.

Do you have a better idea on creating vegetable basket? We hear you. Email us


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