Groceries and Veggies Affiliate Marketing

Did not understand? Confused? Not a problem, Let us dig a little bit inside…

BhanuChandra, a customer, often visits Groceries and Veggies and orders his favorite Pastry and gets it delivered to his home.  Groceries and Veggies is very happy about BhanuChandra and thought why not BhanuChandra earn some money by selling his favorite Pastry.

BhanuChandra, who is good at his communication and marketing skills is also excited about this and agreed to sell the product.  But BhanuChandra is little worried about few things that from where can he deliver the product and what if the delivery location is far way.

Groceries and Veggies assured BhanuChandra that all he has to do is sell the pastry by sharing his link to his friend or neighbor or an aquiantance and the delivery of the product is taken by Groceries and Veggies.

BhanuChandra is really happy about this and started sharing his favorite product link to his friends and started earning commission.

Let us know your opinion and let us grow together.

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